TRX Conditioning

The TRX suspension training was designed by Randy Hetrick, former Navy Seal as a way to maintain fitness and muscle mass out on missions where a traditional gym was not accessible. Programs will go through a systematic progression from Phase 1 – 3. Each phase takes 1 month and includes over 80 mobility, strength and conditioning exercises that will expose any faults in your system but also provide the support to advance from basic to complex movements. The TRX utilizes your bodyweight and challenges your range of motion to effectively target your core and stabilization systems. Functional strength will be developed at Phase 3 through advanced movements and mastering a solid foundation.  The result is maximum gains from all angles for your body’s frame.

Package Remarks

  • If participant manages to find another person to join the same package to workout together, both participants will get an extra 10% off of their final payment
  • Each session can have up to 2 partcipants

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